Latest Blogger Templates Without Footer Credit 2022

If you have created your website on Blogger platform. So you should use professional theme for your website. For which you have to buy premium theme. 

But in this article you can find many blogger templates for free. Which is free as well as without any footer credit. You can use all these themes on Blogger, and change its footer credit very easily. So let us see the features and demo of top 5 free blogger templates.

Free Blogger Templates without footer credit

All blogger themes available in this article are original. In which the footer credit has been hidden through only some codes. Credits to the developers of all these blogger themes are included in the theme's source code.

The following are the five blogger themes we are going to know about.
  1. Devify Free Blogger Theme
  2. Maggy Blogger Templates
  3. Musa Latest Blogger Templates
  4. SEO Engine free blogger theme
  5. Silo Blogger template

Devify - Free Blogger Theme

Devify is a simple and fast blogger theme. Its layouts are quite beautiful and responsive. On this blogger theme, you can give a very good look to your content. You can customize it very easily.

It also has the post slider at the top, which is quite light and fast. It also has a dark mode feature, through which visitors can change the mode according to their convenience. The speed of this theme is also very fast, due to which your website will rank in Google very quickly.

In this, you can place ads in the home, on the head of the post and in the footer. All the fonts used in it are very user friendly. In this you can change footer credit very easily.

Maggy - Blogger Templates

This template is also a new and best blogger theme. This is a very lightweight and fast loading theme. When you use it for your Blogger website, your website will look very professional. In this, all your articles are seen in a responsive manner.

In this, you can also add elements to your articles with the help of shortcodes.  You can place the table of contents, and you can also apply a variety of buttons.

Latest Blogger Templates Without Footer Credit 2022

This theme is created by Edgy Templates . It has three designations, which you can see through the demo. It is quite lightweight as well as very beautiful to look at.

Musa - Latest Blogger Templates

If you are looking for blogger theme for any type of magazine or story website. So you must use this blogger template. This is a very light and colorful blogger theme. Due to its fast loading, you can easily rank your website in Google search engine.

new blogger temmplates

All the fonts used in this theme are also looking beautiful. The visitors will not have any problem in reading them. This theme is designed by Way2theme . You can easily change its footer credit and apply your text.

You can also customize its layouts very easily. You can also add links to your social profiles. You can also easily add the codes of your ad through layouts.

SEO Engine - free blogger theme

This blogger theme is fully search engine optimized. Along with being SEO friendly, it is also quite fast. With this blogger theme, you can easily get your website ranked. Due to which more and more organic traffic will come to your blogger website. Light colors have also been used in its header and footer.

Latest Blogger Templates Without Footer Credit 2022

You can also use Shortcodes in this. You can easily change its icons. Effects have also been added to its Featured Images. If you want to do affiliate marketing through blogger platform, then you must use this theme. Because it is very fast and user friendly blogger template.

This theme is also designed by Piki Templates .You can show your footer credit by hiding its footer credit.

Silo - Blogger template

If you are looking for any news and magazine blogger templates, then this is absolutely perfect. Because there are three types of designs available in it. Which you can apply on your blogger website according to you.

Dark mode and light mode are also available in this theme. As this is also designed by picky template, so you can use short code in it too.

Latest Blogger Templates Without Footer Credit 2022

Its footer section has also been modified so that you can apply your footer credit. It also has more number of advertising widgets, with the help of which you can place more and more advertisements on your website.

All the themes included in this are original, their credits have not been changed in any way. Only my new style code has been added.

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