JPG to webp converter tool and script for blogger

Jpeg or JPG to Webp Converter Tool Free

 What is Webp Format ?

It was launched by Google on 30 September 2010. Webp is one such image format that is great for websites and blogs, compared to other image formats. You must have noticed that the extension of each image file is .Jpg .Png or .jpeg is applied. Just like webp images have the extension of .webp

If you publish your image content on a website, then the webp is absolutely correct. Because not only does this reduce the size of your file, as well as the image on your website is also loaded fast. Any search engine can easily fetch images from webP Formats .

How to Convert Jpeg or Png to webP ?

You can easily convert from jpeg or png to webp file. All you have to do is to select your image from the file given above. As soon as you select the image, your webp file will be ready. Now you can download the file by clicking above the image.

Jpeg or Png to webp converter tool script for blogger ?

If your website is on Blogger, then you can apply the script of this webp converter tool on your website as well. With the help of these tools, visitors to your website can easily convert their image files to webp format. 

If you want to use this tool on your blogger website, then you have to download its script. After downloading its script, you can easily apply it on your blogger.

How to Use Webp Converter tool script on blogger ?

After downloading its script, you can easily apply it on your blogger. I will tell you in easy steps how you can add this webp converter tool to your blogger website.
  1. Download WebP Converter Tool Script
  2. Open Blogger Dashboard > New Post > Paste the code.
  3. If You Want to add this code in Page so, Click on Page Section > New Page > Paste the code.
Now click on Save post or Save page . Done ! Now your tool will be added to your website.
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