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How to Take Screenshot In Windows 11

If you are using Windows Operating System in your PC. But You Don't know how to you can take screenshot in windows. So, this article is Very usefull.
If you use Windows 11 on your laptop or desktop. So do you face any problem in taking screenshot in Windows 11? If yes, then through this short article I will share with you how you can take screenshot in Windows 11. 

How to take screenshot in windows11

Even if you use Windows 8 or 10, you can take a screenshot with this method. In this article, I will tell not one or two but 3 ways, by which you can take screen shot in Windows operating system. So let us know about those methods.
You can take screen shots with shortcut keys, using the keyboard of your laptop or desktop. You can do this by using some of the shortcuts given below.

WIN + Shift + S : You can take screenshot using this key. With this, you can select the screenshot area according to you, whether to take full screen or of a particular area.

Win + PrtSc : Through this also you can take screenshot immediately. In most laptop keyboards, PrtSc button is given on the insert button.


Nowadays there are many free and paid softwares also available on the internet. With the help of which you can easily take screenshots.

Many screen recorder software also has the option of screenshots. Otherwise you can also just use the screenshot app.

Given below are the names of some software, by installing which, you can easily take screenshots.

Screenrec : This is software in which you can take a screenshot as well as do screen recording. You can install this software in Windows 7/8/10/11 

LightshotIt is also a screenshot-taking software. In this, after taking a screenshot, you can draw or add text to it immediately.

Greenshot : This is also the best software for taking screenshots in Windows. By this, you can take screenshots in any of your Windows operating systems.

Browsers Extension

If keyboard shortcuts are not working on your computer, then you can also take screenshots through extensions of your browsers. The following browsers come with a variety of extensions that you can install.

Lightshot ( Screenshot Tool ) : You can use the Lightshot tool to take a screenshot in the browser. You can install it in browsers like Chrome Opera and Mozilla.

ScrnliThis is also a powerful tool, with the help of this you can record screen apart from screenshot.

Nimbus Through this you can easily take screenshots of browser pages. You can also record the screen with the help of this tool.

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